December 21, 2016


I don't talk about myself a lot on this blog- sure I talk about the things I love, more specifically makeup but sharing the person behind the blog is something that I have time and again stopped myself from doing. 

You see I'm one of those reserved types...the type that can write an essay about random topics but when it comes to sharing about me, Vuyelwa, the pen runs dry. I grew up that way: shy, quiet and introverted, and at times I find myself creeping back into that comfort zone, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. 

I'm currently in the second (and hopefully final) year  of my research-based MSc degree and as you can imagine, this year has been nothing short of hectic. Amidst finalising my research and trying to clear my mind in order to begin the write up, I've had to deal with the stresses of work schedules and commitments, trying to balance work with some sort of a social life and build my blog. I've actually diagnosed myself with a disorder called 'Superwoman Syndrome' - it's the overly optimistic belief that you can be all and do it all perfectly, generally in a very very short space of time, lol. An example of such aspirations is waking up Saturday morning thinking that I will wash, dry and style my hair, clean the house, shower and get ready, film a YouTube tutorial or take pics for an upcoming blog post, write a few pages of a chapter for my thesis, prepare lunch, run some errands at the mall, see Bae, go home and cook dinner and catch up on some series, ALL within 18 hours (the rest are spent sleeping). I'm crazy aren't I? Lol. Even as I type this, the hero in me is thinking 'But all that is totally achievable in a day!' While it might be achievable for some, I've learnt this year that I generally suck at multitasking, so I'm totally in awe of those women who are doing it. I will have to revisit my organisational chart and make some changes.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to give you a bit of light on why I've been so quiet on the blog. I didn't and haven't run out of beauty trials and adventures to share with you guys; I just got overwhelmed and needed to focus my energy on the work that is actually giving me the capital to fund my beauty obsession. Regular posting will resume in 2017 - very very excited about what's to come!

I hope that you have soul-shattering fun this festive season  - I'm officially starting mine in two days' time...FINALLY!

'Til next time,



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  1. Well hello beautiful!You have been MIA.x


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