August 04, 2016


Hey everyone! So about three weeks ago I began a new skincare journey with Beauty Bulletin and Kiehl's as part of their #ChangeYourSkin challenge. Kiehl's challenged several other beauty influencers and I to try out five of their iconic skincare products for 28 days with the hope of transforming our skins into radiant, clear splendour. For the past three weeks we've all been tracking the changes to our skins and reviewing the products based on our experiences.

I signed up for the challenge because as a WoC, my dark skin tone has the tell-tale signs of uneven pigmentation. I'm pretty used to that and have found ways to 'camouflage' the unevenness, however my combination (type) skin suffered a hormonal breakout weeks ago and now I have these dark stubborn spots to remind me of the disaster. To top that off I've been noticing that my smile/ laugh lines are becoming more permanent and squinting my eyes (I'm short-sighted) has definitely left its mark in the form of fine lines under my eyes.

The products that Kiehl's put together to form the #High5ToGreatSkin package target skin concerns such as dryness, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines so obviously I was eager to get my hands on them. I've given a review of my first impression (first application) and first week impression here, and recently filmed the routine that I follow when I apply the products. 

These products that I keep mentioning are the Dermatologist Solution Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution*, Dermatologist Solution Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate*, Midnight Recovery Concentrate*, Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado* and Ultra Facial Cream.* I will post an in-depth review of these 5 products on the blog once the 28 days are completed, however if you are keen to know more please check out my current progress and mini reviews here.


For those who aren't keen to read, please check out my two weeks impression video here. I would also love to know if you have tried any Kiehl's products and which are your favourite, so comment below if you have.

It's a particularly cold day in Pretoria today, so sending warms hugs to you! 


(PS: I'll edit the post to embed the video, still trying to figure that out, lol!)


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