October 18, 2016


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Although I’m not yet at the point of using eyebrow and eyeshadow stencils, I have to admit that I’m one of those beauty enthusiasts who prefer to take the easy way out when it comes to any routine. I mean, if there is a quick and efficient way to perform any normally tedious and time-consuming task, why not take it, right? Like these stencils, an effective beauty tool can save you a heap load of time and frustration. I’m certain that many of you share my sentiments, so I’ve decided to share with you my top five favourite and definitely 'worth buying' beauty tools.

glove for cleaning makeup brushes
A brush cleaning must-have!
1.  #Xpress Brush Glove (R199 (R100 on sale), swiitchbeauty.com)

The swiitchbeauty #Xpress brush glove is not a stranger to the blog. Having mentioned it in my DIY brush cleaning VIDEO and POST, it’s no wonder that it is one of the beauty tools listed here. The brush glove has been the ultimate godsend in terms of achieving brand new-looking clean brushes wash after wash. An assortment of textured grooves on the surface of the glove makes it an ideal tool to use for cleaning the variety of makeup brushes and sponges that you may have.

curly eyelashes
The wide curved applicator enables a sturdier grip
2. #LashBestie Applicator (R80, swiitchbeauty.com)
Another favourite from swiitchbeauty is the #LashBestie curved false-lash applicator. If you have super curly eyelashes like I do, you know how profoundly real the struggle is when it comes to applying false lashes - the struggle also applies to any false-lash beginners! Unlike when using a normal tweezer, the mission to get long luscious lashes is simplified by the wide curve of the applicator which offers a better, sturdier grip of the false lash allowing you to easily get close to your natural lash without losing the false lash in the process. The curve of the applicator also makes it easier to squeeze the false lash closer to your own lash as it mimics the natural curve of your eyeball (just be carefully you don’t squeeze too hard – that may hurt, lol).

swiitch beauty mixing palette
Great for mixing foundations

3. #SwiitchMix Mixing Palette (R120, swiitchbeauty.com)

Clearly swiitchbeauty has been a favourite when it comes to getting helpful beauty tools because the #SwiitchMix mixing palette is another innovative product of theirs. When I saw the launch of this palette being announced on Instagram, I marked down the date so as to be one of the first to get it. The thing is I hate having to use the back of my hand for foundation/ concealer placement because I often end up forgetting about left-over product and accidently lean my hand against my bed when applying makeup. Furthermore, I’ve taken to mixing liquid highlighter with my foundation for added glow and the palette makes the whole process less messy. I know that when I’m done I won’t have to wash my hands, so I can quickly rush out in the morning without worrying about makeup on my hand 

Drying hood in South Africa
The hood clearly fits ALL sizes!
4. HairPro Drying Hood (Bonnet) (R149/R179, Hairhouse Warehouse)
I prefer to do hair treatments at home (saves time and money) so when I came across the nifty drying hood on Ilze’s Instagram, I flooded her DM with questions – I had to have it for my deep-conditioning sessions! Ilze was thankfully generous with information and led me to the online store of Hairhouse Warehouse – a Pandora’s box for any hair enthusiast! My one worry when making the purchase was whether the hood would fit my rather generously designed head, but thankfully it has a drawstring mechanism which allows you to tightly yet comfortably secure the hood onto your head. Hot air is then allowed to fill the hood by way of fitting the nozzle of your hair dryer into the free end of the hood, hence creating a portable, travel-friendly’ drying hood. As mentioned I use the hood for adding heat when deep-conditioning (beneficial for dry hair as it supposedly encourages the hair strand to swell and absorb the goodness from the conditioner), however it is also useful in drying wet hair, particularly when rollers have been put in.

beauty apps
Love the user-friendly interface
5.BeautyOnTApp mobile app

Last, but not least, of my favourite beauty tools is the BeautyOnTApp app. I came across this mobile app after reading a review from mezaentle and being so impressed, I immediately sent the BeautyOnTApp team a tweet to commend them for designing such a resourceful and helpful app. The app is designed to be a directory for small businesses in the beauty and hair industry across South Africa and a repository for anyone searching for a beauty service in their area. Basically the app lists the businesses/suppliers available in a particular area which offer hair, makeup, nail, waxing services and products and allows you to search for the ones closest to you by way of GPS location. So if a last minute business trip catches you unaware and not prepped and primed, you can travel worry-free knowing that you can locate a salon wherever you are going. The app is free to download on iOS App Store and Google Play, however you will need data to access its functions. Several businesses are listed in Johannesburg and Pretoria, however the app still needs more businesses across the country to register and offer their details. I think it’s such a great initiative and encourage you to tell your makeup/ nail artist friends and local salons to sign up for more business. More detail about the app is available on www.beautyontapp.co.za

So those are my top five favourite beauty tools. They always come in handy when I need quick fix and are affordable great quality tools to have. I'm a tech fanatic and would love to know which gadgets you are using to get your beauty game on, so if you know about any cool tools, please comment below.

                                                                                                                     'Til next time, 





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