October 21, 2017


One thing I probably haven't shared with you is that I am a sucker for science and technology (currently finishing my MSc, #WomenInScience woop woop!!), so when La Roche-Posay contacted me regarding testing out their  #MYUVPATCH which measures your exposure to ultraviolet radiation, I was all in. As you might know, sunlight is actually good for you. We acquire most of our Vitamin D from sun exposure which helps our bodies absorb calcium (strong bones and muscles, healthy skin!!!). Over-exposure, on the other hand, leads to premature aging, sunburn and puts you at a higher risk to developing skin cancer, hence it is important to stay protected.

The La Roche-Posay ‘MYUVPATCH’* is a new technology that has been designed to relay localised UV data and provide you with personalised sun protection recommendations. The patch, which you apply like a temporary tattoo, is connected to a mobile app (freely downloadable from iOS App Store and Google Play) which you then use to scan the patch for your personalised UV exposure reading. Some serious futuristic business hey?? The patch* itself is highly adhesive and water resistant and can last up to 5 days – you can pretty much treat it like second skin because it is ultra-thin and transparent, except for the blue heart which is made up of photosensitive dyes that change colour when exposed to sunlight. The dyes don’t interact with your skin and according to the brochure I received, the patch is suitable for sensitive skin and children. 

Once you have applied the MYUVPATCH* and downloaded the app, you create a profile that, amongst other details, informs the app of your skin type and sensitivity to sun exposure i.e. are you more likely to tan or burn from extended sun exposure? The app also requires access to your location so that it can acquire the local UV index (measurement of how much sunlight your area is experiencing, similar to a weather report). From my understanding that’s all it does so don’t worry, you aren’t being tracked! Once that’s done and you’ve had your initial ‘set up’ scan, the app will sends regular push notifications that remind you to scan your patch and check your risk level to sun exposure.

I was provided with two patches and thankfully so because the application of the first patch didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had hoped. The instructions for the application and scanning of the patch are pretty straight-forward however it would have been more helpful if a pictorial or mini video tutorial has been provided. If you still remember how to apply those temporary kiddies’ tattoos then you are good to go. (Remove the white sheet first!). I was, and still am, pretty impressed with the innovation, however I didn’t realise that I had to scan myself almost every hour. It’s understandable though since it’s generally recommended that you reapply sunscreen every two hours. I tested my patch while at work and over the weekend so as to assess the patch in different environments. At work, my desk is positioned close to a window that lets in a small amount of sunlight even when the blinds are down and over the weekend I’m usually driving/ walking around, running errands. In the first few days the patch worked as anticipated: when I was indoors, it showed that my risk level was low and only later during the day would it warn me of too much sun exposure which meant that I had to reapply my sunscreen. On other occasions I was totally baffled because the app would inform me that my risk level was high even though I had not done anything different to when I was at low risk. Even after reapplying sunscreen it would still report risky behaviour. I can only guess that perhaps my sleeves rubbed some of the sunscreen off the patch on some days, but I’m not sure about the occasions when I had no sleeves. In terms of the actually appearance of the patch, I’m okay with the size (+- 3cm diameter) however I would prefer the colour to be nude (hopefully the photosensitive pigments can be formulated to be fleshtone). The patch is pretty comfortable to wear – easily forgettable because it so flexible and lightweight so creases/stretches with your own skin.

If you are into apps that promote healthy living, then you’ll definitely find the La Roche-Posay MYUVPATCH* interesting to use and should give it a try - the patch is currently freely available at Dischem stores and online at Dermastore. I believe there’s room for improvement in terms of the inconsistencies that I experienced, but the technology would definitely assist us with sun protection awareness. I will have a follow up review on the La Roche-Posay sunscreens up soon - these are great for people with sensitive skin!

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PS: What are your thoughts on all these new beauty and health apps that are being developed? Are you keen to try the MYUVPATCH? Let me know in the comments below.

*PR Sample


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