May 22, 2013


Yes!! I have finally joined the world of bloggers and I couldn't be more proud of myself. If you check my profile, you'll notice that I've been registered on Blogger since 2011-this means that I've been trying to set up this blog since then. I evidently met a few challenges along the way because:

  1. I'm not a web designer- I have (or rather had) no experience or knowledge of setting HTML's and all those other codes (insert web design jargon, lol)
  2. I didn't know of any South African fashion/beauty blogs similar to the kind that I enjoy browsing through from international bloggers
  3. I didn't (and still don't, unfortunately) own a DSLR camera that captures those beautiful, crystal-clear HD photographs that usually make up a successful blog.
The accumulation of all these obstacles eventually led to me becoming discouraged and settling to be just a reader, but the desire to be a blogger was just too intense, so fast forward two years later, here I am typing my very first and hopefully not last, blog post! Anyone who has designed their own blog will certainly relate to my nervous excitement...

Google and other bloggers (links at the end of this post) have been a God-send throughout my 'blog design' journey because I wouldn't know how to set up HTML, insert widgets, create banners and all that jazz, without their helpful advice and download-for-free social media icons! There's always the option of buying a blog template or asking someone to design it for you, but I'm on a tight (very tight) budget and I wanted to learn how to do it. I have also discovered other SA fashion and beauty bloggers along the way so you can just imagine how eager I am to get into the mix and hopefully develop new friendships.

I initially wanted to publish my first blog post on 1 May (my birthday) but life got in the way. Nonetheless, here it is and I hope you enjoy what's to come! You can look forward to outfit posts, reviews on make-up/ beauty items, BARGAIN fashion/beauty buys (being a student teaches one a lifetime habit of looking for the less expensive goods) and everything in between! Oh, and my posts won't ever again be this long, sorry!

Below are links to some of the blogs that I visited along the journey of setting up my blog. I hope they can help you if you are also thinking of developing or re-vamping your blog. I can also help if it's basic stuff (I'm still a beginner), so leave a comment or email me.

Starting/ Setting up blog
Superficial Girls
This Fashion is Mine
Social Media Icons
Sew Many Ways
Brandi Girl Blog
Taking Blog Photographs
This Fashion is Mine
Editting Photographs/ Creating Banner
Pic Monkey

Much love,


  1. Welcome to the blog world honey , its always great to see more fellow South African bloggers joining the blog world. I know how hard it is at first but it's well worth it in the end.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Hi There

      I agree with Meghan. Welcome

      Regards Natalie

    2. Thanks Natalie! Yes, I believe I'm experiencing that hardship, hahaha, but it's early days. Will just keep blogging til it gets better. Thank you for following...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Charlie! And thank you for following...


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