August 17, 2016



I attended the launch of Urban Decay South Africa when it officially opened in  Johannesburg last month and what an experience it was! I also got a few goodies which I'll be reviewing in this post.

Weeks before the launch, social media was already buzzing with excitement over the product range that would be available at the stand-alone store housed at Sandton City (next to Stuttafords, opposite Edgars). To add fuel to that already blazing anticipation, Urban Decay announced that it would gift its first 100 customers with a free product and obviously that just steamrolled the emotions surrounding the launch; even I got pulled into the madness! So the night before the launch I debated arriving at the store 4 hours before the actual opening time of 10:30AM (don't judge me, people were preparing to arrive there at 04:00AM okayyy) but my sanity kicked in and I arrived around 07:45. As can be expected, there was already a massive queue of eager 'beauties with an edge' ;) and I was lucky enough be #94 in the line. I snapped some of the key moments of the experience, so to avoid dragging out the story and get into the review, please check out the rest of the launch experience HERE.

Impeccable packaging: seals tightly shut and has a luxurious design

So while other people were swooning over the UD Naked Smoky Palette, I was huddled in the lipstick corner swatching the 100 Vice lipsticks on display - I'm more experimental with lipsticks than I am with eyeshadows! I decided to get the lipsticks '1993' and 'Blackmail' from the Comfort Matte range - such polar opposite shades but timeless picks.

Urban Decay 1993 on dark skin
My current go-to nude lipstick

'1993' is described as a medium brown lipstick on the UD website; on my skin tone it comes off as a mauvey-nude shade. I've seen other reviews and it's an all-round perfect nude which also suits dark skin tones and can be worn without a lipliner. The formula of the lipstick is very creamy and although it's described as having a 'comfort matte' finish, which I presume means semi-matte,  the actually finish feels more like the satin finish from MAC lipsticks. Pigmentation is amazing and the staying power is also quite long-lasting. Retails at R229.95

Urban Decay Blackmail on Dark Skin
Seductively dark and vampy!

'Blackmail' is the quintessential vampy lipstick that looks good on everyone! It's described as a deep berry wine on the UD website and I agree. If you are into dark lipsticks, you definitely have to try this lipstick. It has a very creamy application (creamier than '1993' in my experience) and although it's also described as a comfort matte, I lean more towards a satin finish. I would prefer it more matte, but it's still a gorgeous highly-pigmented and long-lasting lipstick. It does stain though, as most dark lipsticks do. Retails at R249.95

Primer Potion
The OG of eyeshadow primers

I don't think I even need to announce my other purchase: if you don't know it, you have clearly not been watching enough YouTube makeup tutorials. I bought the OG of eyelid primers...the original UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Ever since I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, this primer has been the most mentioned and most used. I definitely wasn't going to leave the launch without it! If you have oily eyelids like me, you'll definitely love this primer because it helps your eyeshadow stay on longer and have a more vivid appearance. It has a creamy application but dries off matte and translucent. The doe-foot applicator makes application quite easy but I prefer to apply the primer with my finger to avoid the applicator getting discoloured with foundation/concealer from my eyelid. Retails at R279.95

Urban Decay Scratch eyeshadow on dark skin
'Scratch' is a velvety smooth, irridescent rose eyeshadow*

As one of the first 100 customers, I received 'Scratch' single eyeshadow* as a complimentary gift. UD describes it as a shimmery rose gold, but it's definitely more rose - perfect for spring. When I applied this eyeshadow for the first time, I immediately understood the obsession surrounding UD eyeshadows. It is velvety smooth, finely milled and highly-pigmented - ideal trio criteria for any  eyeshadow. It also blends very well and has great longevity. Retails at ~R200+

Beauty with an edge
The pigmentation of the eyeshadow and lipsticks is incredible!

As a first time Urban Decay cosmetics user, I'm very impressed with the quality of their products. You get your money's worth in quality for sure. I wish I had bought the Naked Skin concealer as well - I've read and seen good reviews about it. One thing I'll definitely be queuing up again for is the Naked Ultimate Basics palette; I just saw that it will be released in September and ya, I will be ready! 

I'd love to know which UD products you love/ are using and whether you'll be queuing up with me when the #NakedUltimateBasics palette arrives in South Africa, lol! Please comment below.




  1. OMG I need that 1993 in my life!!! Goodness!!! I think the price range isn't that bad either, considering that most good lipsticks are in the 200-250 range! I need at least one makeup item nyana from UD and I'm definitely thinking Lipstick!

    Great post!!!

    1. Thank you Kat! Yeah considering the quality of their products I also don't think the prices are bad. 1993 is beautiful and so practical for everyday makeup if you love a simple look.

  2. OMG I need that 1993 in my life!!! Goodness!!! I think the price range isn't that bad either, considering that most good lipsticks are in the 200-250 range! I need at least one makeup item nyana from UD and I'm definitely thinking Lipstick!

    Great post!!!

  3. I looooove Urban Decay eyeshadows, I've the Naked 3 for 2 years now and it was worth the splurge - the primer potion is also boss! The nude lippie looks so good on you.

    1. Thank you Lungi!I'm sold on the eyeshadows wonder they are so expensive. I've already started saving up for the Naked Ultimate Basics palette.

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