November 15, 2016


NYX Cosmetics is definitely in my good books this year! The brand recently updated their makeup collection across several Clicks stores in South Africa and will be launching a much anticipated #WorldOfNYX display at Menlyn Park, Pretoria next week Friday. To say that I'm excited would truly be an understatement! I got my hands on a few of the new products that have been launched and will surely be at the #WorldOfNYX grand opening, so let's see what's good... 

Swatches of the NYX Conceal Correct Contour palette in 'Dark' from top left (TL) to bottom right (BR)

 NYX Conceal, Correct, Contour palette in 'Deep' (R249.95, Clicks)

NYX Cosmetics describes the Conceal, Correct, Contour palette as a correcting and perfecting palette that is designed to cover up problem areas, even out discoloration and enhance your natural features. There are three shade sets to choose from namely, Light, Medium and Deep and each set contains six shades that can be used as is or mixed to create an ideal shade for your skin tone. I picked the darkest set, Deep (3CP03) which comprises three concealing shades (or highlighting depending on your skin tone), one contour shade and two colour correcting shades. The shades in this palette have an overall warm undertone with the concealers respectively having beige, peachy and yellow undertones (TL, TR, ML) and the brown contour shade (MR) having an orange-red undertone.  As a person who generally dislikes creamy foundations and concealers, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the creamy formula of the palette is lightweight and gives a smooth semi-matte finish. Each shade is very pigmented, blends well and offers long-lasting, buildable coverage. The palette has received positive reviews from other bloggers and is said to compare relatively well to the MAC Studio Conceal & Correct palette, however some shades differ in tone. I haven’t tried the MAC palette but I’m planning to do a dupes/battle of the concealers post with the LA Girl Pro Conceal range. 

Even though the palette has a semi-matte finish, I do recommend that you set it powder especially if you have combination-oily and oily skin. The reddish undertone of the contour shade is also disappointing, however I think the palette as a whole is a great budget- and travel-friendly kit to have. 

The liquid illuminator is rose gold in appearance but champagne gold when blend

NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator™ in 'Gleam' (R145.95, Clicks) 

The 'Born This Way' Liquid Illuminator is described as a lightweight liquid illuminator that gives skin a refreshed glow and beautiful highlight. It comes in four luxurious shades namely, Sunbeam, Gleam, Pure Gold and Goddess. The 'Gleam' shade is rose gold in appearance but when blended onto my skin tone, it gives off a champagne-gold radiance. When I first used this illuminator I was bitterly disappointed with the finish. You see, there were no testers available when I bought it and I hadn't watched any reviews (I was having an impulsive shopping spree), so I bought it in good faith, excepting to receive an anointing of celestial glow magnitude but alas, that was not so. The 'Gleam' shade provides more of a 'natural glow' than the Midas touch that I was expecting and while it feels quite smooth and hydrating on application, it gives a rather patchy finish when applied on bare skin and on top of foundation. I have tried applying it using both the buffing and patting techniques and both methods have resulted in the same uneven finish. The only way that I have successfully and happily used the illuminator is by mixing it with my foundation to create a luminous, refreshed skin-like coverage. I also appreciate that I can use it (mixed with my foundation) without worrying about my combination-oily skin looking like a glazed doughnut halfway through the day -it has a shimmery yet dry (not dewy) finish. I would suggest this illuminator if you are looking to enhance your matte foundation, but not as a stand-alone highlighter.

L-R: NYX 'Embellishment' and "Beauty Mark'

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in 'Beauty Mark' and 'Embellishment' (R149.95, Clicks)

I saved the best for last! If you love the matte liquid lipsticks from Stila Cosmetics and Colourpop, you will surely love the NYX Lingerie range. It has the velvety smoothness of Stila Cosmetics' liquid lipsticks and the quick-drying, long-lasting super matte finish of Colourpop's liquid lipstick range. Honestly, it's like the perfect marriage. The Lingerie range comprises 12 nude shades that differ in colour. I picked 'Beauty Mark' and 'Embellishment' which are regarded as the best mauve and brown nudes in the collection for darker skin tones. Both shades are highly pigmented, long-lasting and smudge-proof. The colour payoff is builable, however I have noticed that the lipsticks tends to become tacky and crack after a while, when multiple layers are applied. The lipsticks are also quite drying, so I would advise that you apply a lip balm prior to applying the liquid lipstick. Make sure to pat away excess moisture/oil as this does affect the longevity of the lipstick.  Compared to the other affordable liquid lipsticks on the market, I think this range tops the lot in quality and colour payoff. I'm hoping that NYX will introduce a more colourful range next, or maybe I'll take the plunge and get one of the metallic lipsticks!

Have you bought any of the new products? If so which are you enjoying? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I am so salty that all the new NYX products are only being stocked in PTA! Shame on them.
    The lipsticks look wonderful - I might just buy one.
    Thanks for the review on the highlighter, I also had high hopes for it - I know that Loreal has a similar product from their True Match Lumi range, I wonder how it compares.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lungi! I also had high hopes for the highlighter hey - so many of these 'dupe lists' rave about it but it really didn't live up to the hype for me. The lipsticks are worth it (I think the metallic shades might be in town as well)and I saw some new shades for glosses that I want to buy.

  2. Girl!!! NYX is BAE honestly. I Love the lingerie lippies and currently loving teddy and beauty mark.

    1. It really is Steph! I was tempted to buy Teddy but opted for Embellishment. Which of their other recent releases would you recommend? I'm in the mood to shop!

  3. This implies no scents were added to the cosmetic to make it smell pleasant. Glitter eyeshadow


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