November 11, 2016


I love makeup but I'm probably the least adventurous person when it comes to colour. I typically stick to my bronzes, golds and nudes however this year I've felt an unshakeable desire to get out of my comfort zone and surrender myself to the season's striking orange-red lips, royal blue liners and flirty spider lashes.

A quick read of Vogue's précis of 2016 spring-summer beauty trends describes the season's theme as a 'call to individuality'. From what I've seen, fresh youthful skin has been a common appeal to most artists, with the uniqueness being celebrated through varying choices of colour on lips and lids. Here are the seven trends that I'm loving...

A woman with red lips can never be ignored
1. Red Alert
This season red takes on a more youthful, fresh approach. Teamed with a clean dewy face, bright candy reds and orange-toned reds create a chic, effortlessly trendy look. I love this trend because it looks just as good on the streets as it does on the runway. A vivid orange-red lipstick to try is MAC’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in 'Fashion Legacy' as seen in this Instagram POST.

Metallic shades look beautiful on all skin tones
2. Go gold or go home
Whether it the full Midas touch in the form of an obscenely radiant highlighter or gilded lips, metallics have pushed through as one of the fun trends to try this season. One way to dive into the trend is to experiment with lip products that contain specks of shimmers like Yardley’s HD lipgloss in 'Glamour Girl' or create your own metallic lip colour by mixing your favourite metallic eyeshadow with Inglot's Duraline.

My go-to everyday look
3. New natural
Earlier this year, social media was abuzz with news of Alicia Keys’s ‘woke’ decision to no longer wear makeup and her movement to encourage more women to let go of the maquillage (French for makeup, sounds better). The runway celebrated this trend with sheer skin-like makeup and strobing, a technique that uses light-catching highlighters to add dimension to the face. I'll be sharing my own approach to this simple 'no-makeup' makeup soon, so look out for that.

Be a bit daring
4. Why so blue
This trend always seems to make its way around during summer as the season allows for experimentation with bright, fun colours. I love this trend because it compliments brown eyes beautifully and can be worn in a professional (navy blue liner) or social setting (bright royal blue mascara).

Spider lashes make small eyes and lashes look bigger
5. Spider lashes
Normally I would hate the idea of having clumped eyelashes, however the spider lashes trend showed me how those with small, pretty much non-existent lashes (like me) can accentuate their eyes without using faux lashes. Maybelline actually released the Volum' Express®  Colossal Spider Effect™ Waterproof Mascara and Chaotic Mascara for the trend, but you can simply use multiple layers of your favourite mascara to create the look.

The one pink eye I don't mind having
6. Candy-coated peepers
This is surprisingly my favourite trend of the season. I normally stay clear of any colour other than gold, bronze, mauve and brown but I’ve  loved the pink smokey looks created by Cynthia Gwebu and Kamo Mafokwane.Check out my pink look HERE.

When you mean business
7. Graphic liner
I haven’t had the courage to try this architecturally-pleasing trend, but I love how bold and warrior-like it looks. The design can be easily achieved with a liquid or gel eyeliner of any colour (I prefer black) and a fearless artistic flair.

So far, I've tried all the trends except the blue and graphic eyeliner. I'm taking baby steps towards being adventurous, okay! One step at a time...Anyway I challenge you, if you are set in an 'I can do this makeup look with my eyes closed' routine,  to also take a makeup leap of faith and try something new. 

If you do try any of these trends please comment below and leave me a link or post a pic and tag me; I would really love to see how you do it. Check out my social media info on the side bar.

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