December 22, 2016


I realised after taking these pics that my 3INA collection looks quite Christmassy, so I thought I'd share with guys my recent purchases from the brand that may inspire a trendy festive makeup look!

3INA (pronounced 'MEE-NAH') is a relatively new cosmetics brand that hit the South African market about four months ago. When it launched, the beauty bloggersphere lit up with lust-worthy swatches and then some, to celebrate the new arrival. The excitement is now well understood: the  brand whose tag line is 'Beauty without expression is boring', offers a wide spectrum of trendy good quality products at a very affordable price range. While I was obviously very eager to get my hands on the new beauty brand in town, the stores that had launched required a bit of travelling to reach; travelling which I wasn't prepared to do so I decided to wait until it was within reach. So when I heard that a stand alone store had opened at Menlyn Park (Pretoria), I made a crazed beeline to the store.

The cosmetics brand has a wide selection of products to pick from, as you can see from these pictures on my PINTEREST that I managed to take while I was there but I was instantaneously drawn to the eyeshadows and lipsticks.

Here are the ones that I picked...

A gift from the recently launched Menlyn Park store

Roan Rouge* (#102) is a satin-sheen plum lipstick that has a delectable raspberry sherbet scent. The formula of the lipstick is described as having white waxes (beeswax) which gives the lipstick its smooth creamy texture and allows for an easy application. In my opinion, the inclusion of beeswax in the formula makes the lipstick feel slightly cheap, however  it definitely helps in giving a long-lasting luxurious pigmented sheen. Retails at R99.95

Love the gold iridescence of #132

I've recently become quite enamored by single eyeshadows and when I saw this olive green shade, it was blissful, unadulterated love at first sight.  The shade, called Dusky Green (#132),  has a gold iridescence when blended which makes the eyeshadow quite easy to wear as part of everyday makeup. While I may love the colour of the eyeshadow and its smooth application, the pigmentation is a bit disappointing. Several layers are needed to make the colour pop and I would recommend a pigmented primer to enhance the longevity of the coverage. According to, the look can be further intensified by applying with a wet brush. Retails at R129.95

The intensity of the cream eyeshadows is an unmistakeable A++

My favourite products from 3INA are definitely the cream eyeshadows - talk about quick-setting, long-lasting, smudge-proof, waterproof, high intensity coverage! These are prefect as a base for a shimmery powder eyeshadow and can easily be worn alone, however you'll need to blend quickly as  they set very quickly and become difficult to remove once applied. I picked #313, a luxurious champagne-gold shade which I found best suited my skin tone and enhances my other shimmery eyeshadows wonderfully. Retails at R159.95

L-R: Swatches of the lipstick, cream eyeshadow and powder eyeshadow

Despite being disappointed with some of the 3INA products, my overall impression is that the brand has an impressive colour range of great, affordable products. Check the range HERE.  I swatched some of the metallic liquid eyeliners in store and they are another firm favourite...just patiently waiting for payday!

Have you tried any products from 3INA Cosmetics? Comment below if you have any avourites.

'Til next time,



  1. That cream eyeshadow is calling my name, will check 3ina out.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Pleasure Zanele! And definitely check those out as well as the liquid eyeliners.

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