January 11, 2017


I felt odd about jumping straight into my blogging schedule without greeting you and acknowledging that we made it into 2017, so before I go on let me just say 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!' I hope that the year has been good to you so far (if it hasn't, just remember that the year actually starts in February - January is just an hors d'oeuvre to the delicious main meal that is 2017, lol). 

I've been reading a lot of blog resolutions lately and although I haven't actually written anything down for my blog, I know that my two biggest goals for 2017 is to produce more content on the blog and finally commit to making regular YouTube videos. I started posting a few videos last year but got so caught up with things being perfect that I totally discouraged myself out of putting anything up beyond what I already had on channel. I obviously do want to put up well-produced and edited content, but I won't be as obsessive as I was last year. Hopefully. Lol. In terms of the blog, it'll be moving to a new home soon and getting a revamp, but I'll announce that when it happens. I've already prepared the move, I just need to get stuck in the admin. 

Looking back at 2016, I realise that it was actually a good year for me in terms of blogging: I managed to buy myself a DSLR camera that I had been wanting for YEARS (and taught myself the discipline of saving money in the process) and even as a small blogger (numbers wise), I found myself receiving invites to beauty events and having high profile brands feature my blog images on their social media - that always feels like a good pat on the back. I have also appreciated the support that I have received from you, my blog readers/followers/fellow bloggers be it through comments on a particular post, likes on Instagram and even the private DMs regarding blogging - I have enjoyed it all and hope that you will continue to show the love in 2017! 

2017 is going to be a good year.

Anyway, 'til next time,


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